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      Injection Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd was founded in 1990 with its head office in Taipei, it has large-scale manufacturing sites in Dongguan, Suzhou and Chongqing. IRI has been specializing in Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) tooling design and fabrication, LSR injection molding, overmolding and Silicone Rubber extrusion and compression molding for more than two decades.
It is one of few large and time-honored manufacturing groups in China who can carry out both LSR tooling design, fabrication and Injection molding.

IRI Group Dongguan Factory is located in Hongmian Industrial Zone, Tiegang Village, Qishi Town, Dongguan City with total land area of 50000 square meters (approximately 538195 square inch). It boasts garden-like working environment with staff size of around 500 employees

Injection Molding workshop has been equipped with 62 sets of Vertical LSR Injection Molding Machine, 10 sets of Horizontal Injection Molding Machine and 1 sets of Silicone Rubber Extrusion Machine and Compression molding Machine. It has set up full-grown tooling fabrication workshop in which there are such tooling building equipment as CNC milling machines, turning machines, EDM, and automatic grinding machines etc.

Clean Room was especially set up for molding medical parts, consumer electronics precison parts and cosmetic parts, kitchenware and silicone baby products.

As one of leading LSR Injection molding Companies, IRI places high value on technical innovation. IRI R&D team have recently explored and practised German tooling concept and have become first one who carries out No-Flash Molding technology both in terms of LSR horizontal and vertical injection molding. By the end of 2015, Injection speed of 0.8s, curing time of 3s, unmaned injection molding process with no flash technology has been achieved. This has been helping a lot in cost-efficiency, capacity as well as quality upgrade. Starting from January 2016, Valve Sealing and Open gate No-Flash Molding has been carried out and this indicates IRI will make further breakthrough and upgrade to a higher level.

IRI attaches great importance to quality, and it has set up sound quality control system. Such quality certificates as ISO 9001: 2008, ISO14001, ISO 13485 and TS16949 have been obtained.
IRI has been strictly implementing quality system standards in all company aspects. Quality department has been armed with such inspection device as profile projector, CMM, hardness tester, force testing device, life testing machine, Endurance testing equipment, Rohs Analyzer, and Smart CCD etc

Over the past years, IRI has been diversifying its product range involving many different industries, mainly focusing on such areas as automotive, consumer electronics, mecial care, and daily consumer goods etc. Our product category includes precision aumotive parts, consumer electronics parts, medical parts, baby product, and kitchenware etc.  Main products including silicone seals used on connectors, optically clear silicone bluetooth earbud, smart wearable device silicone parts( eg.silicone wristband, watch band etc), P+R overmolding parts, keyboard, keypad, silicone membrane, silicone laryngeal mask, nasal mask, nebulizer mask, aerosol mask, and oxygen face mask, silicone goggle part, silicone cosmetic bottle, silicone water bottle, and silicone shower head part etc.

IRI has established long-term partnership with world-renowned companies, main customer including:

Automotive: TE Connectivity, Delphi, Tesla

Consumer Electronics: Pantronics, Jaybird, Chicony, Logitech, Polar, TCL, Harman, and ZF etc.

Daily Consumer goods: Koler, LE CREUSET .

You are welcome to contact us for business cooperation.

IRI will make continuous technical innovation and work together with his partner to create win-win business by better pricing and quality.

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